Our Story

Mark Pizzini

Hello and welcome to the ScentClip Family!

I’m Mark Pizzini, co-founder of Aroxel and the inventor of ScentClip. I’ve been practicing medicine as an anesthesiologist for over 20 years, so it is only natural that the idea for ScentClip began in an operating room.

While working during surgeries, I noticed that the staff had started smearing mint lidocaine (a local anesthetic) ointment into their masks in order to conceal foul odors. The problem with this was that, although they were successful in masking the odors, nobody could feel their lips afterwards!

Around the same time, in the recovery room, nurses had begun using aroma-therapeutic essential oils to help our patients with nausea and anxiety. They said that using certain aromatherapy scents before surgery helped relieve stress, and using others after surgery reduced nausea and anxiety.

This led to an idea—what if we could use essential oils in masks instead of mint lidocaine? Then the operating room staff could benefit from aromatherapy AND cover up the unpleasant scents.

Before I ran with my idea, I needed to know that aromatherapy had proven benefits, so I began to research extensively. To my pleasant surprise, I found many scientific articles and medical journals that supported it. But the best proof was observing the patients that had used the aromatherapy; they liked it, believed in it, and it did seem to help them. That was really all I needed to know.

The idea began to blossom, but my next challenge was to figure out how I could make aromatherapy accessible to everyone in a mask. My thought was to create a small, safe, and easy to use device that could be placed somehow in a mask which would hold the essential oils. I soon discovered this was easier said than done. The design took many modifications, changes and adaptations and so many 3D printed prototypes, that I had piles of scent-filled plastic lying all over my house before we came to a design that worked. Finally, after 5 years of hard work, love, support from my entire family, some encouragement from my former neighbor, now partner, and through our awesome manufacturing team at Klocke of America in Florida, ScentClip was born.

I am so proud of everything that has been accomplished these past few years, and even prouder of the progress and growth of our little device. I speak for our entire team when I say we can’t wait until everyone is able to keep calm and mask on with ScentClip!