Dr. Mark Pizzini answers questions about ScentClipTM


ScentClip FAQs

What is ScentClip?


ScentClip is a personal aromatherapy scent clip that can be worn within any mask, and will last for days to weeks. It makes wearing a mask fun, relaxing and enjoyable for both adults and children.


Where can I purchase ScentClip?


Individual bags of four ScentClips can be purchased on Amazon.com. Larger quantities can be purchased from the “Buy Now” page on this website.


How many ScentClips are in a package, and how much do they cost?


ScentClip is available by the bag (4 clips), in a three-bag pack (12 clips), or by the box (100 clips). Pricing can be found on the “buy now” page.


How does it work for a fit mask?


If you are using a Fit tested N95 or KN95 in a healthcare or high risk setting, we recommend placing the sealed ScentClip in the mask and re-Fit testing for mask seal. If the mask is not Fit tested, the clip should be fine as it has a minimal effect on the mask perimeter. We hope this information is helpful, and you can enjoy the wonderful aromas of ScentClip!


How do you sanitize them?


The external plastic can easily be wiped down using a disinfectant and small towel, making sure to avoid the internal scent well. While they last for weeks, we do not recommend sharing the clips. They are, however, easily moved from mask to mask for individuals to enjoy in whichever mask they choose to wear!


What scents do you offer?


We currently have available periwinkle lavender and apple orchard.


Will additional scents be available?


We are hoping to add more scents to the options! By supporting us early, you are helping to provide us with the ability to add more variety to our ScentClip selection!