The Story of ScentClip®

The story of ScentClip begins in an unusual place: an operating room. An anesthesiologist noticed that his fellow staff were smearing mint lidocaine (a local anesthetic) ointment on their masks to conceal foul odors. Although they were able to mask the odors, nobody could feel their lips after! He knew that there had to be something better than this.

Meanwhile, in the recovery room, nurses were using aromatherapeutic essential oils to help their patients with nausea and anxiety. This sparked an idea in the anesthesiologist’s mind: what if he could use essential oils in similar way for masks? Not only would the issue of odors be solved without sacrificing the ability to feel one’s lips, but there would be an aromatherapeutic health benefit.

He began to research aromatherapy, and found a lot of scientific articles in support. It had been used successfully in other countries, and was widely accepted. He gave it a chance, and the results exceeded his expectations. He knew he had something special, and he had to share what he found with the rest of the world!

Therefore, Dr. Mark Pizzini gathered a team and went to work making his idea a reality. After five years of hard labor and love, and a few prototypes later, the ScentClip was born.

We are so proud of everything our team has accomplished these past few years, and even prouder of the progress and growth of our little device. We can’t wait until everyone is able to keep calm and mask on with ScentClip!

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